Gavin Will

Senior Devops Engineer

About Me

Experienced Senior Devops Engineer / Site Reliabilty Engineer in a wide range of industries from large scale internet companies to AAA Game Development (Grand Theft Auto V, Red Dead Redemption 2 and Fortnite). I believe my problem-solving skills along with ability to quickly understand complex systems and how they are interconnected enables me to support critical business systems. I take great pride in my quality of work and obtain a great sense of satisfaction implementing an elegant solution to ensure business systems are available, accessible and scalable. Firm believer that the aggregation of marginal gains can make the difference when computing at scale and will try to continually look for and implement improvements


Epic Games

Senior Devops Engineer

Focused more on automation and AWS Governance along with Terraform, Ansible and Jenkins. Introducing more testing, style guides & documentation to make automation more reliable with a quicker feedback loop

Epic Games

Site Reliabilty Engineer

Working across all teams in IT, Infosec and Online Operations. Created Epic's Splunk / Splunk Cloud instance to assit IT and Infosec in forensics and debugging. Created numerous automation to deploy whole systems with Terraform, Ansible with Jenkins. Discovered Kernel level XFS deadlocking bug with large scale revision control system and implemented fix for a long standing issue. Introduced Blue / Green deploys to make upgrades of systems easier with less risk. Creating custom New Relic / Datadog checks to give us deeper understanding and better alerting of systems.


Senior Operations Engineer

Part of a small operations team overlooking all aspects of infrastructure and security for Working with a heavy emphasis to automate everything along with infrastructure as code principles. With the nature of holding financial information security was of upmost importance also.


Senior System Engineer

Working in the Cloud Operations team to look after Skyscanner’s global datacenters and traffic routing to server Skyscanner’s 5 million daily unique users. Automation of large scale VMWare estate (100s of hosts and 10,000 vms) over multiple datacenters with PowerCLI. Amazon AWS management (Cloudformation, S3, Security) and Akamai DNS and traffic management and routing, SSL/PKI Management

Rockstar North

Senior IT Systems Engineer

Part of a very small intimate team looking after all internal IT and IT development globally for an AAA Games Studio responsible for Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead Redemption series of computer games. A very wide-ranging role covering almost all areas of the business and using a very wide range of technologies from Active Directory, Perforce, Percona MySQL, PowerShell, Palo Alto firewalls, Elasticsearch, Splunk and everything in-between.